5 Great Travel Tips for Exploring the US

Exploring the US has to be on the top of your bucket list! Visiting the amazing National Parks, the big cities, the breathtaking landscapes… But, when you’re a new traveler, it can be a little too overwhelming.
But don’t you worry! we have gathered some travel advice for you in the hopes our little travel news will help you plan and schedule the best trip of your whole life, are you ready?
1. Have a Budget.
One of the biggest mistakes you can do as a new traveler is embarking o a big trip without considering your budget first! Money is important when planning out a trip, so make sure you know how much you want to spend.

Sit down and realistically plan out how much you’ll need for the whole trip (and always save a little extra, just in case) This way, you will be able to save lots of money on the long run.

Take plane tickets, transportation and accomodation into consideration when planning your whole budget and consider ways in which you can save money while traveling.

2. Plan ahead.
If you’re going on vacation during peak times, make sure to plan everything with months of advance. Take into consideration flights, hotels and even car rentals pump up their prices during peak times, and even then they tend to be full.

Plan your traveling schedule with enough time, book your hotels rooms in advance and purchase your plane ticket as soon as you can (if you’re planning on flying, if you’re riding, then don’t worry about this).

3. Find the cheapest hotels and motels!
A lot of your money will go directly into accommodation costs, that’s why, if you’re planning a road trip through the US, make sure you pick the cheapest (but still nice) hotels by staying in chain hotels as much as possible.

Keep in mind that if you’re traveling with someone else, sharing a room it’s also a great way to save money while on the road! Especially since most hotels rooms are made to accommodate two people.

4. Look for discounts and city passes.
Another very important travel advice we’ve got for you is to purchase city passes whenever you can, specially in big cities where there’s so much to do.

Not only these passes will let you get into places and locations for free, but some of them even include transportation within the city, plus, you can get one that accommodates to your needs and the time you’ll be spending there.

5. Only rent a car if you REALLY need it.
Car rental will also take most of your money, unless you play it smartly. Meaning only renting a car if you do really need it, if you don’t, using public transportation will save you lots of money.

However, if you do need to rent a car we recommend renting it weekly and not daily, since most car rental places will offer cheaper contracts if you decide to keep the car for a week.

As you can see, exploring the US is actually quite easy if you take the time to really listen to our travel advice and plan ahead. If you do, you’ll realize traveling is actually way easier than people make it look like.

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