7 Tips to Take Care of Your Health!

People who acquire healthy habits not only enjoy better mood, but reduce the risk of diseases , infections and body aches, but how can you take care of your health in a simple way?

According to the American Association of Retired Persons, only small changes in life are needed to improve our quality of life . Know them!

1 . Take care of the height of your rear-view mirror. When driving, try to have the rear view mirror tilted upwards. With this, your back will remain straight, you will improve your posture and you will reduce the neck pains.

2. Avoid crossing the legs. This movement damages your blood circulation and elevates blood pressure.

3. Choose the first bathroom cubicle. In public toilets, this place is used less, so it has a smaller amount of bacteria. Use it to reduce the spread of disease, says Allison Janse, author of The Germ Freak’s Guide to Outwitting Colds and Flu.

4. Get away from the screen. Staying many hours exposed to the computer monitor can trigger conditions such as eyestrain, neck and back pain, eye dryness and irritation. Sit at a distance where your arm is fully stretched.

5 . Change your pillow every 18 months. You will avoid the presence of fungi, mites and waste of skin cells, which generate allergies, asthma and sinusitis.

6. Eat in small plates. A study by the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University suggests that people eat 22% less when they serve their food in small dishes. With this, you can lose weight!

7. Watch funny movies. Laughter is an excellent exercise for the heart because it increases blood flow by dilating the capillary vessels.

Another healthy habit that you can acquire to take care of your health is to pamper yourself with the company of family and friends. A study by Harvard University indicates that by adding a person to our circle of friendship, happiness rises by 9%.

Also, do not forget to take time to do the things you like or find a new hobby that relaxes your body and mind. And you, what healthy habits do you include in your life?

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