A Day at the Beach

Beach always makes me mesmerized. The sound of waves makes me lost and the wind of the beach and the scent of the sand 
blow my mind and refresh me as nothing does.I am the kind of person who likes to visit the beach at any time and any weather.
Whenever I visit any beach I make sure all my works, my problems and my depression, frustrations behind me.I visited many 
beaches with friends, with my beloved and with myself. The best moment was only with myself.
Last few days ago, I enjoyed a rainy day at the beach. I enjoy rain a lot and so the beach. When they both come together that made
me extremely mad. The scent of the wet sand and the water from small lakes joining in the ocean like they are returning home. In
the evening the breeze ocean's tide
and the smell of the wet sand were so enough to reduce all my stress.
I feel like a day on the beach is much better than a day in a five-star hotel.
I reached the hotel and then I put all my bags. Then I just ran to the beach. I Soaked my feet with the water of the ocean. Walked 
in the water for a while. I borrowed a van for 2 hours and just have a long drive on the marine drive. Amazing it was. I hiked the
hill by the human-made steers. When I reached the peak of the hill, I could not believe my eyes. I was not ready for that extreme
wonderful view. It was an amazing experience in the rain. Though I  have height phobia, after watching the view all my fear just
vanished. Then I back to my room and clean up all my wet dresses and took a shower.
I hardly took my mobile phone with me. I ensured not to have any interaction with any kind of social media. The only interaction
with nature and beautiful and different people.
I spend one night on the beach to enjoy the night breeze. The next day, I started my
daily life.
It was one of the best moments with myself. I enjoyed fully.

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