A Dream land Indonesia: It’s culture, traditions and custom.

The most important religion in Indonesia is Islam, about 88% of Indonesians consider themselves Muslim. Other religions practiced in the country are: Buddhism, Catholicism, Confucianism, Hinduism and Protestantism.

In relation to music, kroncong is a musical style that is applied to guitars and ukuleles (Hawaiian guitars) as main musical instruments. This style was born in Portugal and was brought by Portuguese merchants in the fifteenth century. Sasando music comes from the eastern province of Nusa Tenggara. It is accompanied by an instrument made from Lontar palm leaves and its sound is similar to that of the harp.

The Kenyah murals of Long Nawang, east of Kalimantan are usually found among Austronesian cultures where the main indigenous natural motifs are dogs, ferns, kalaos (a kind of bird), trees and human figures.


There is a wide variety of traditional games such as bull racing in Madura, cockfighting in Bali and jumping stones in Nias. Another type of national sport is sepak takraw, which began in Melaka. It is similar to volleyball: you must keep the ball, made of rattan, in the air using your feet.

Rice is served as a main dish for most Indonesian natives with companions such as meat and vegetables. Indonesian dishes are commonly spiced with peppers and spices. Some of the most popular are: satay (meat skewers) nasi goreng (fried rice) nasi padang (rice with coconut milk and chili), tofu and tempe (fermented soybeans).

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