All you need to know about Blackpink comeback 2018

After two whole years of not releasing an album, the Kpop female band BLACKPINK is finally back with a whole new mini album, and everyone is going crazy over it!

The girls were incredibly successful since their debut back in 2016, year in which they had two comebacks and a total of four new songs, each and every one of them being a total success. However, they hadn’t released any new album until now.

Besides BTS comeback, you could say BLACKPINK comeback was the most expected one of the year, and the girls didn’t disappoint. Coming up with their first single and then releasing the whole album, these girls showed they still know how to make massive hits.


BLACKPINK: Square Up – The album

The new album by the Kpop sensations is called Square up and it has a total of four songs, including the extremely popular single DDU-DU DDU-DU, which already has a music video with over 70 millions views at the moment.

Although the girls didn’t release anything else than a single during the whole previous year, their popularity maintained intact, and they had an extremely popular comeback (to prove that, just look at the views on their new video!)

The album consists of four songs, being DDU-DU DDU-DU, Forever young, Really and See you later. And although only the main single has a music video (for now) the girls have already debuted Forever Young on live stages!

Square Up, the album, is all about catchy beats, strong lyrics and amazing visuals (at least when it comes to the Music videos for the songs). It is definitely one of the girl’s best work so far.

The mini-album follows up with the names of the previous ones (Square one and Square two) and it is one of the girl’s most popular and famous comebacks yet, which is saying a lot.

BLACKPINK has proved everyone once again they are extremely talented, with great vocals and rap lines that are ready to compete with any Kpop group, although they don’t really have to, their talent speaks for themselves.

If you haven’t listened to the album yet, you really have to! You will have in love with the songs, the great beats and of course, with the girls almost instantly.

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