Top 5 beauty tips and tricks to keep your hair long and healthy.

We all want that beautiful, luscious hair every Pantene model seems to have, but it seems almost impossible to get it! Or that was until we gathered the top 5 beauty tips and tricks to keep your hair long and healthy. Yes, that’s right! The hair you’ve always wanted is right there in front of you, and with just a few tips and proper hair care you can achieve that amazing look too!


5 beauty tips and tricks to keep your hair


  • Cut it (and tream it) regularly

    It seems a little bit off than in order to grow your hair out, you have to cut it… But it actually works! Cutting down your hair every once in a while is completely necessary. Taking care of your hair means cutting it at least once every six months to really give it that life and movement back, and trim it every two months or so to keep the broken tips out. You don’t have to cut your hair too much each time, just the very very split ends of your hair! That way you keep your hair healthier and looking longer than ever.

  • Wash your hair with cold water, not warm

    I know, long warm showers are the best thing in the whole world… But they aren’t helping your hair at all! Actually, warm water isn’t good for your hair, while cold water actually is. When washing your hair, make sure to do it with cold water, this will help preserve the natural moisture of your hair, which eventually avoids unwanted breaking. However, we know this particular beauty tip can be hard to follow, so if you don’t feel like showering the whole time with cold water, make sure to do it at least the very last minutes of your shower! We guarantee it makes a HUGE difference.

  • Put your hair in a low ponytail

    Putting your hair up in a ponytail is a great way to stimulate your scalp, plus, the weight of your own hair will naturally pull it down, helping the overall growth.It’s very important, however, to use a scrunchie to tie your hair up instead of a regular (and much harder) hair tie. Otherwise, you’ll actually end up hurting and even breaking your hair, and we don’t want that!

  • Use proper hair care

    Maintaining your hair long and beautiful takes a lot of effort and a well followed beauty routine, otherwise, you won’t get that luscious hair you so badly want. Keep in mind, a proper hair care for long hair should always include essential oils, since the tips of your hair tends to be weaker than the rest, they need to be soaked up in those oils to gain some thickness back. Make sure you do your beauty hair care routine at least once a week either before or during your shower, and really take the time to give some love to your hair.

  • Stop applying heat to your hair

    We all love to use our hair straighteners and curling irons, but sadly, they do too much damage to our hair, which ultimately can mess with our goal to grow it out. If you can’t completely cut out the hot tools from your hair routine, then at least make sure to use it as little as you can. Trust us, if you do this, you give your hair the chance to be healthier and grow way more shinner and thick.

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