Easy Eye Makeup Tips

I know, not all of us were born with great artistic skills, much less, so I think it is extremely normal that some of us (independent women and adults), we have no idea how to make up to go out or for a casual day.

 Don’t you know how to outline your eyes?
In addition to being able to use adhesive tape, there are now products that help make the job much easier. Buy these ELF stickers that can help without hurting your skin.


Use a “mask” for eyebrows instead of using powder eyeliner.
Now there are many makeup products that can give your eyebrows a much more defined and daring finish. Instead of using powder and brush to fill them, I recommend using a Benefit Gimme Brow Plus or  Gimme  Brow + eyebrow mask  .



Instead of making a complicated contour, try this reverse technique for a more natural look.
Simply place the blush as you normally would, then add some highlighter to the natural high points of your face as in the apples of your cheeks, along your nose and a point on your cupid’s chin and bow. As the illuminator is quite marked, you can quickly brush your hair and blur it a bit. It gives you a very fresh subtle definition. This trick will make you look like a professional. 


Always paint your eyes before your makeup. 
If you do not want to stain your face and fill it with dust, always apply your eye shadows first and then your makeup, so you will avoid staining your face and having to clean everything afterwards.

To avoid lumps on the eyelashes, heat your mascara with your body.
While you apply your other makeup, put your tube of mascara on your bra for a few minutes. Heating your mascara will soften the formula and make it work much more smoothly without leaving lumps.

Cover your eye bags by applying concealer only in the shadows of the bags.
Do you bag under your eyes? Do not apply concealer on them, but on the shadow that is created due to the bags. You will cover your eye bags with this simple makeup trick that is really for beginners.


Make your eyelashes look fake.
Run your hair dryer SLIGHTLY over your eyelash curler (make sure you hold it against your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot), and then glue your eyelashes while holding the curling iron horizontally instead of perpendicular to the floor. Immediately, apply a first layer of mascara, wait 3 seconds and apply a layer of baby powder, then apply a second layer of mascara and you will have instant false tin.

















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