How to choose Lipsticks according to skin tone Shades of Lipstick....

There is an incredible variety of lipstick shades, but do you know which shade of Lipstick will suit you more?

There are general recommendations of shades that favor light, brunette and brunette skin. But you will get a better result if you also take any of it according to your skin. Beyond if this one is clear, brunette or brown, all the skins have a secondary tone: yellow-warm or pink –cold.

A simple way to identify your skin’s undertone is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they look bluish, your secondary tone is pink. If your veins look greenish, your subtone is rather warm (yellow). If they appear rather be both shades, green and blue, your subtone is neutral, which means that both cold and warm tones are good for you.

With this in mind, these are the tones that are better for different skin tones:

Clear skin

In general, this skin tone suit both pastel and warm tones: oranges, roses, fuchsias, carmine, browns. For a night out, you can use a cherry red color.

If you are cold in color, lipsticks that have a blue or strawberry base favor you more. If you like oranges, you can use them by combining them with a cold base tone to define the lips.

If you are warm, orange favors you a lot. You can use red lipsticks with a more vivid base or tangerine tones

Medium skin

The tones that will highlight your lips better with this skin tone are earth, gold, copper, peach, and coral. For the night you can use a deep red with a warm base.

If you are cold in color: Crimson red and wine tones are going very well for you. If you are warm, the deep red and orange tones are ideal for you.

 Dark skin

Try to wear colors that illuminate your lips. Intense tones such as fuchsia, cherry or terracotta favor you a lot. If you are cold, red tones with purple or greenish-blue flashes. Dark berry tones can give your makeup a seductive result.

If your skin is warm, the wines and burgundy are your best choice.

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