How to maintain a healthy life How to maintain a healthy life

Normally I see in the consultation that people leave for May the beginning of the diet and in June they already want to have all the results (Knowing how to eat, having removed the kilos that were left over)Plan and assume that eating healthy is a lifestyle, that you must match it to your habits and routines.Serve the dishes in the kitchen. If you put the casserole on the table it is easy to lose control of the times it is bitten or repeated.

The issue of rations is something that should be worked little by little. We each have a normal amount of food.No one has told me yet that he eats on too large plates, so try to look at the plate as if you were looking for nutrients.Half of the plate always of vegetable with a quarter of carbohydrate (pasta or rice or potato) and with another quarter of protein (meat or fish or egg), this trick serves when it is at noon meal, in the case of dinner looks for half of the vegetable dish and half of the protein dish.Use nonstick pots and pans.



This will avoid cooking food with more fat.I also like to cook in a pan or in the oven with vegetable paper, in this way they do not burn the products, nor do they need oil and you can make a sack and wrap the vegetables with the fish and cook in papillae directly in the pan without having to turn on the oven.Do not skip any food.With this you can only chop much more caloric products between meals and get to the next meal with twice as much hunger.

It is important to eat every 3 or 4 hours, understand it as “filling the fuel tank”, your liver is responsible for storing energy and nourishing the brain in the hours after a shot.This deposit is discharged and we have to recharge it so that our body constantly has energy.Mid-morning and snack should be adjusted to the needs of each individual; it is not the same as someone who works sitting than an athlete, so it is not the same snack of one as of another.To my sauteed vegetables I always add both of the vegetables that I have cooked (broccoli, green beans) so as not to have to add more oil to the stir-fry.

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