Latest Street Style Trends for you to Rock this Season

Let’s be honest for a moment, runaway fashion is amazing and extremely mesmerizing… But it’s mostly meant to be seen, not necessarily worn (at least not for most people). But when it comes to street fashion, that’s where it’s at! Street fashion is of course inspired by runaways looks. They’re bold, fun and creative, but most importantly, you can incorporate them into your wardrobe however you want!



So, here are some of the latest street style trends you can begin to wear like, right now:


  • Stripes and more stripes!

    Horizontal, vertical, big or small… Stripes are IN this season and you need to get with this new fashion trend, because honestly, it looks amazing. It doesn’t matter how you incorporate them into your look, whether it’s striped pants, or blouses or even sweaters, the stripes are in and the bolder the stripes, the better.

  • Checkered patterns

    Yes, the classic checkered pattern from back in the 90’s are back baby, and you can incorporate this kinda new fashion trend into your look in various ways. There’s the classic way: Checkered jackets as a statement item that will make your outfit pop up immediately, no matter what you are wearing underneath. And then there’s the new way: You can buy checkered shirts, blouses, and even pants to match with more subtle pieces, and unlike the 90’s ones, you don’t have to buy oversized clothes, but ones that actually fit.

  • Sporty-trendy

    We’ve seen it everywhere by know: Sportswear but with a twist. Everyone has been dressing this style lately, especially the world famous Kardashians. Sports sets matched with high-heels, baggy pants with bralettes… You call it! If you’re wearing any kind of sportswear matched with something else, then you are already incorporating this particular trend into your wardrobe.

  • Side Stripe Pants

    These ones kinda look like sporty pants… But fancier. This boot cut pants with a single (or two) stripes on the side are one of the newest and most wore fashion trends of this season. You can wear these pants with pretty much everything, from very bold jackets, to more subtle off the shoulder blouses, literally anything. And if you paired them with high-heels, it’s even better.

  • Belts, BIG belts!

    It doesn’t matter what kind of belt you’re wearing, because they are back and better than ever, especially if they are big and bold, that’s what this new fashion trend is all about. Make the belt the statement piece of your whole look, the bigged (and weirder) the better, and if you use them to really accentuate your waist, you’ve totally got the whole essence of this particular trend.

  • Matchy-Matchy outfits

    Although combining patterns is still in, Matchy-Matchy outfits are making a combat, especially when it comes to bold suits. This trend is all about the drama and drawing attention to you. From matchy stripped outfits, to really bold suits, make sure the top and bottom of your look combined together and you’re done! Don’t be afraid to play around and pick the pattern that you love the most, that’s what this trend is all about.

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