Music is the medicine of the mind

Music is the elements that make our heart smooth. It is a part and parcel of our daily life. The benefits of music are uncountable. Listening to music helps us feel better in many ways both emotionally and physically.

Listening to music daily reduces chronic pain. When we listen to music we release endorphins, and they act as natural analgesics. A minimum of 25% of the diseases we suffer are associated with stress. Listening to half an hour of soft music, even twice a week, significantly reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Listening to soft music also helps reduce heart rate and blood pressure.It also reduces the risk of suffering health problems. People with high blood pressure reduced their heart rate if they listened to good music for half an hour a day 30 days in a row. In addition, it was demonstrated how proper music helps calm the cells and tissues that form the lungs.

Have you ever listened to music while exercising? Has your performance, increased? These two facts are related to each other. And is that music not only eliminates the feeling of fatigue, fatigue and boredom, but also acts as a stimulant that increases productivity.

Listening to low frequency music induces relaxation, and facilitates and improves sleep. This helps us get into a healthy state: the effects of stress and anxiety disappear.
Soft melodies have a magical and relaxing effect on the states of tension and stress of everyday life. It helps to meditate a lot people who until then had difficulties to do it, and it has been shown that dedicating a few minutes a day to low frequency music is one of the best relaxation techniques that exist.

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