Quick Kitchen Organization Tips

Having the kitchen in order is important, and thanks to our accessories for the kitchen and pantry cabinets, it is still easier. But in addition to having the kitchen in order, it is equally important to keep it always shiny.

Establish a cleaning plan. There are cleaning tasks that we must do after each meal, but in some cases, it is convenient to set a monthly cleaning plan to ensure that the kitchen is always clean, without leaving aspects such as the inside of the refrigerator, or the dust from the top of the the closets.When you finish cooking, fill the casseroles with water and a drop of detergent to make cleaning easier.Ventilate Ventilation is essential to keep the kitchen always fresh and clean. Every morning, ten minutes. And while cooking, or after cooking, it is also convenient to leave the window open for a while to eliminate odors.



Always clean cloths and scourers. These elements are a nest of bacteria that we are not aware of; spreading them across the surfaces you clean without your noticing. That is why it is important to always keep them clean, washing them in the washing machine or in the dishwasher and letting them dry in the sun if it can be.Automatize the kitchen with plants. Instead of using chemical air fresheners, you can use plants such as thyme, rosemary, washing or eucalyptus to set the kitchen, preparing natural air fresheners, tea bags, or having the plants themselves in the kitchen.If you don’t want to use chemicals to clean, you can use vinegar as a detergent. Mix vinegar with water in equal parts in a spray bottle, clean, and then dry.Watch out for the drains. The pipes are one of the most sensitive places in the kitchen. In addition to smelling, because of the remains of food, the drains can get embossed. To clean them, an excellent solution is to pour a little salt and yeast every few days in equal parts, let stand a few minutes and add boiling water.

There is nothing more unpleasant than an old garbage can full of remains. Therefore, it is important to undergo thorough cleaning from time to time, and also have the garbage cans that best suit our kitchen to help us with recycling tasks.Clean the inside of cabinets, pantry columns or bottle racks. Inside there is always dust, remains of flour, sugars, noodles … Foods that fall from their containers and can attract insects. Once a month, you should empty the cabinets by removing everything you store in them to clean them with a cloth dampened with a little detergent. Remember to dry the inside of the cabinets well before putting the food you store in them again

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