My Skin Care Routine!

Especially women always think about their skin because it makes you look more confident. By doing daily skincare you can get clean, smooth and youthful-looking face. Some natural remedies, and also some Korean skincare product which has natural indigents, it will deep clean the skin as well as it can wonder with your face too. I’m the person who has never cared about skin before, but now I have fallen in love with my face of caring.

Actually, I’m concerned about my facial outlooks, so I eat what I get. Generally, I take care of my skin with organic or healthy food and natural way. I buy most of my products in the Korean shop and other stores where I can get natural labels of consumers. Before buying any cosmetic products, I always check the ingredients and the level of toxicity of that product by Clean Beauty app. This app is really helpful for a better understanding of product quality. So let’s start with the tips on how I care my skin daily.

Well, as if my skin is a pretty normal, but little oily as well. Before I said that I always use the most natural and organic products because the facial skin is a most precious one to me. I strongly believe that a good skincare routine is important.


Wake up in the morning, the first time what I do, I clean my face. Most of the time I clean my face with water and the anti-pollution cleansing “Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist”, a natural bio-actives product. It makes my skin feels soft and clean afterward. This mist for all skin types, which instantly shields and protects against harmful pollutants. After using it daily, you will notice a 100% improvement in skin smoothness after 30 days.

Alternately, water is natural remedies for cleaning the skin in a natural way, and it cleans my face at all. I use the water when I feel dry on my skin. I take a small amount of water on pap then make a touch on my face smoothly for a while. It makes me feel so fresh.


Summer is the hottest time; so sunscreen is the best solution to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, and also keep your skin firm. Before going out, I apply on my face every day. From the beginning, I use “Neutrogena SheerZinc Face Sunscreen SPF 50”, (mineral-based and it’s so important). It’s a sunscreen formulated for face even you can wear it under your foundation. Though, I mostly use this for my face.

Masks & Scrubs

Putting masks or scrubs on your face will bring an elegant look to your face. I both use once a week. It depends on my time and mood. My favorite mask is “The purely Black aloe Vera face masks”, it’s nice and fresh, rescue from the unpleasant age-related changes, and you can try as many as you want. I suggest that use once a week. In addition, the purely Black aloe Vera face mask is harmless and very effective. Similarly, I apply the homemade face scrubs such as strawberry scrubs, avocado scrubs; its remove dead skin cells and impurities, my skin feels super soft. I really love to use my homemade scrubs!

That’s all about my skincare routine.

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