Solo Travel Tips

Do not call you crazy, traveling alone has nothing bad and yes a lot of good. In fact, everyone should travel alone at some point in their life, the perception of the trip is totally different to when traveling in company and in many ways it becomes much more enriching.

You have a world before you and a million new experiences to live, do you want to share them? Or do you want them just for you? Traveling alone means not having anyone else when you want and having everyone when you prefer. You will see that the planet is full of people traveling alone, many want to share it and many do not, but if you are one of the first, even if it is only when you choose it, you will not miss the following tips dedicated to travelers and the travelers who buy a solo ticket.

1. Hostels are the center of everything

If you want a little company to break your loneliness, you just have to look for a good hostel when it comes to staying. A hotel to use is always the worst option if you want to meet people, if you want real contact with local people.

2. Use the networks

And we do not just talk about Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that will allow you to find other travelers in your area, but other specific networks that can make your trip more productive.

3. Carry a free mobile for a local SIM

Whether you are going to spend a lot of time in the same destination as if you are going to jump from country to country, you may be interested in taking a free mobile phone with you in which you can use a local SIM card, it will be essential if you know people and want to make plans together.

4. Look for shared transports

Collective transport is always cheaper, perhaps also slower, but certainly a good way to meet people and travel without spending a lot of money . Transportation is often the start of great friendships among travelers as well as a great source of useful tips for your trip.

5. Share a table!

If you want to eat alone do it, we all have our moments, but if you want to meet people the best thing you can do is look for bars and restaurants where you share a table. Is a good way to start an interesting gastronomic conversation and the best way to get to know a country?

6. Sign up for the “free walking tours”

The “free walking tours” are those guided tours in which you only pay if you consider that the guide deserves it, they are very fashionable in all the cities of the world and how to charge depends on doing a good job, they are usually quite interesting and entertaining. These groups are full of travelers with whom to interact, take advantage of that opportunity.

7. Food courses

In many tourist destinations you will find cooking courses for travelers where you can learn to prepare local dishes and also meet other people with whom you share that same interest.

8. Open yourself to the world

One of the advantages of traveling alone is that it is much easier to get in touch with people and you will see that this is true both with other travelers and with local people. Let yourself be surprised by the hospitality that you will find in your step, suddenly maybe one day you will see yourself eating at a family house, traveling for free with someone who is on your way or, who knows, in the celebration of a baptism that you have just finished. invite. Believe me, those things happen.

9. Without fear, but with common sense

If you travel alone, leave fear and shame at home. You will see that the world is full of friendly people and eager to help, it is much more likely that you have a good experience that you have a bad one.

10. Tell at home where you are from

Family, friends … let someone know where you are. If something happens, they will know where to look for you.

11. If you go out at night … leave a note

If you travel alone, chances are that nobody will wait for you anywhere, for good and for bad. If you go out at night it does not hurt to leave a note in your bed saying where you are going, with whom and when you return.

12. Do not arrive at your destination at nightfall

This advice is valid whether you are traveling alone or traveling alone, but going alone is even more important to keep in mind. Arriving at an unknown place at night can always bring some problem. The best, therefore, is to arrive in the afternoon, but never at night.

13. Keep emergency numbers handy

Since nobody accompanies you, the best thing is that you have some important numbers by hand in case you have to resort to them. Police, emergencies, embassy, ​​travel insurance.

14. Beware of not overshadowing too much

It is not the same to party with your friends in your city than to do it in a place where nobody knows you, especially if there is alcohol involved.

15. Reading is your friend, but not a refuge

You’ll spend hours alone and maybe it’s just what you’re looking for. Anyway remember to look up from time to time, nothing like making eye contact with another person to start a new relationship.

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