The Untold Danger of Twitter Culture

It isn’t a secret for anyone that Twitter is  a huge platform used by millions of people all over the world everyday. And as much as it is an incredible platform for the most part, there’s a more darker side nobody seems to be talking about.

Twitter is the social website (and app) that thousands of people use to read and comment on the news happening in the world, specially millennials. And I’m not lying, ask any millenial and they will most likely tell you they read twitter as if it was the newspaper.

And that’s great! It means young people are engage with what is currently happening in the world, more so, it means the news are getting to people way faster than ever before.

The thing, is, what happened when the source isn’t reliable? What happens when people think what they are seeing is the absolute true and nothing else? That’s when the danger comes in.


The dark side of twitter no one seems to be talking about.

That’s the dark side of twitter culture we are talking about: Yes, it is a great platform, but it is also a place where people can manipulate information and make other believe it as if it was the absolute true.

There are a lot of reasons why this is happening. First, people have a very short attention span, twitter culture is about getting quick news and keep moving, meaning people aren’t taking the time to question what they are reading, to question what is given to them.

Another reason twitter culture is slowly becoming dangerous is because people strongly believe what they see it’s the absolute true, and all that matters is their personal opinion.

This is caused for one big reason: Twitter usually shows you what YOU want to see. This isn’t news, that’s how the algorithm works. But the thing is, it is natural people tend to think they are always right, because they are always seeing a timeline full of opinions similar to theirs… There is a whole world outside your twitter timeline you aren’t getting to see thanks to the algorithm.

The point is, Twitter is one of the best social media sites we currently have, and we can’t let the current Twitter culture ruin it or ruin us. Look for the sources, question everything, BE informed.

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