Traveling on a Budget : How to do it

Traveling and getting to know the world that we live in doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. There are ways to travel the world without having to spend every last bit on your saving account.

It’s called traveling on a budget, and literally everyone can do it. The trick is knowing how and where to spend your money in order to stretch it as much as you can and still have a pretty amazing vacation.

Whether you are traveling overseas or within your own country, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about traveling on a budget and how you can do it too.

Tips for traveling on a budget (and still have a great vacation).

  1. Search for cheap flights.
    This seems like an obvious move, but seriously, look for the cheapest flights you can find, and always stick for tourist class. Another great tip is to travel off season, since plane tickets are way cheaper during the off season months and you could potentially save hundreds of dollars.When searching for flights keep an open minded about your flying dates, travel off seasons and be in the look out for discounts. This way you should be able to save some money.
  2. Stay in low class hotels and hostels.
    When traveling, a huge part of your money goes to paying the hotel where you’ll be staying. A good way to save up some money is going for chained hotels or low class hotels that are way cheaper than others.You can even try staying in hostels, which are a great option if you’re looking for cheaper (and unique) places to stay. There are some pretty amazing and low cost hostels you could look for when traveling.
  3. Stick to public transportation.
    Another huge part of your money always goes to transportation. Although renting a car might sound like a great idea, truth is it can consume your money pretty quickly, it is best if you decide to go with public transportation.Depending on when you are traveling, you can choose to use the train, the buses and even rent bikes to go around! Do a little research about where you are traveling and find out what’s the cheapest option for you.
  4. Get a citypass if possible.
    A lot of major tourist cities have city passes, which basically give you entrance to the most popular tourist places in the city and even cover your transportation.Again, do some research on where you’ll be going and find out if you can purchase a city pass. Believe us, this will potentially save you a lot of money, especially if you’re planning on hitting up all the famous tourist locations.


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