When Celebrity Advertising Goes too Far

We have seen it everywhere: Celebrities advertising different kinds of products all over their social medias. Let it be Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat, it’s literally everywhere you look. The thing is, it isn’t surprising anymore. Seeing this ads or advertisement all over our feeds it’s already part of our modern culture. We see it, we like it, we move on with our lives. But, when does celebrity advertising goes too far? When does it stop being a simple ad and it starts messing with people’s lives? Whether we like it or not, celebrity culture is part of us, and bad advertisement can have repercussions.



The ugly truth behind celebrity advertisement

Let’s be completely realistic for a moment here: We all know how the marketing world works. We know different brands reach out to different celebrities, offer them a brand deal and boom, you’ve got yourself a colab. Some of them try out the product they’re advertising, some don’t. It’s the truth behind the great business of advertising. Celebrities are there for the money, and brands are there for the exposure.

We have seen this particular tactic with brands like Fashion Nova, Audible, Dollar Shave Club, and more. But when you think about it, we’re talking about clothes, audible books and razor shaves… How much damage can they do?Even if the celebrities didn’t actually like or tried out the product, it’s not that big of a deal. Sure, you see a pretty dress by Fashion Nova adversided by Kylie Jenner and you might want it (Again, it’s part of modern culture), or you see Shane Dawson making a Dollar Shave Club sponsorship and you want to try it… But what about things that are promoting unhealthy behaviours?

Advertising Unhealthy Behaviors

If you haven’t got it by now, we are referring to Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram post in which she made an ad for a lollipop that’s supposed to surprise your appetite… Yes, you read that correctly. In a world where women are constantly fighting against stereotypes that have been pushed against us, and where eating disorders are a real struggle for both women and men, an ad for appetite suppressor isn’t probably the best idea ever.

And this isn’t new, we have seen ads for Flat Tummy Tea and FitTea all over the place for over a year now! And yes, they claim they’re natural and good for you, but is that the truth? Or are they just taking advantage of modern culture and promoting something unhealthy just so you can look slimmer?

Now, don’t get us wrong, we aren’t telling Kim K and every other celebrity that has ever promoted those products to stop because “Children are watching!” that’s on their parents. But the truth being told, modern culture is extremely attached to celebrity culture, meaning we want what they’re selling us, and advertising such products into our faces, ignoring the reality that there are MILLIONS of men and women suffering from eating disorders, it’s just a dick move.

These kinds of celebrity advertising shoes they really don’t care about their audience or future customers, they just want your money (both the brand and the celebrity). And yes, this isn’t something new, but opening up your eyes to this reality kinda sucks. So, maybe be more careful with what you see online, and learn to separate yourself from the infamous celebrity culture that’s invading our world. You don’t need everything you see online, and you certainly don’t need appetite suppressants!

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