Why Mental Health is So Important During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be both beautiful, yet extremely challenging. Not only your whole body is experience physical changes, but so is your mind, and your whole mood. Believe it or not, taking care of your maternal mental health is just as important as keeping care of your body. Mental health problems for pregnant women are very real, and should be taken seriously. From very slight depression symptoms to full on postpartum depression, women from all around the world could suffer severe mental problems if they don’t take care of themselves starting since the moment they find out they’re pregnant.

Mental Health Problems Pregnant Women can Suffer. Pregnancy is a period of vulnerability for every women. Yes, it’s beautiful, and yes you’ll get to feel incredibly happy most of the time… But the worries and that constant anxious feeling could lead to mental health problems.

Most soon-to-be moms tend to have worries regarding their pregnancy and whether or not they will be good moms, and that’s completely normal! However, once these worries start to become more and more present each day, it could turn into a serious problem. Although up to a 25% of moms tend to experience severe symptoms of depression, panic attacks, anxiety and even separation issues just after they give birth, the truth is the problem doesn’t start when they finally have their baby, but it starts all the way back to the pregnancy months.


Doctor with a stethoscope in the hands and hospital background

Doctor with a stethoscope in the hands and hospital background.

Why Prenatal Mental Health Care is Extremely Important

It’s not a secret for anyone that pregnant women experience a great change in their hormonal levels during pregnancy, and that these same levels experience a huge drop after they give birth, which can potentially lead to mental problems. And although there’s a lot more to it to postpartum depression, one thing is certain: The chances to suffer from this kind of depression can dramatically drop if you take care of your mental health from the beginning of your pregnancy.

Focusing on your prenatal mental health means being aware of your mental estate, knowing when you’re not okay and seeking for health, specially if you have already suffered from depression or anxiety before being pregnant.
Taking simple yet meaningful steps to take care of your mental health can (and will) significantly improve your whole pregnancy experience, not to mention, it will lower the risks of suffer of postpartum depression.


3 Easy Ways to Take Care of your Mental Health

Before you keep reading, keep in mind maternal health is extremely important, and you should never, ever, feel ashamed of seeking for help when you know something is off.

  • Take your feelings seriously

Forget about that stigma about pregnant women being too sensitive, and start pay proper attention to your emotions. If you feel sad, worried or in anguish most of the time, don’t belittle it.

  • Get help

If you keep feeling constantly down, make sure you seek out for help as soon as you can. Treating these symptoms with a professional will help you out tremendously.

  • Realize it’s okay, and that you’re not alone

Most pregnant women tend to be too afraid to reach out for help or talk about it due to the little information about maternal mental health, don’t be one of those women. Realize you’re not alone in this, and that nobody is judging you for doing what’s best for you (and your baby).

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